The idea of creating the educational platform
Smart School Pro came out of practice

Kids’ Estate has existed since 2003. Training and education are conducted in Russian and English here. An international team of teachers works in the kindergarten, and 30% of the children speak all the languages of the world. Also children with special needs are not turned away here.

We understand that the educational needs of children attending our kindergarten may differ, but it should not reduce the effectiveness of the work. The main thing is to get the priorities right and arrange the educational process. We call such approach “BROAD INCLUSION”. It reflects the model of the society of the future: humanistic and tolerant.

The efficiency of our work is based on the following principles:
  • EVERY AGE HAS ITS OWN TASKS. The age sensitivity (a set of conditions required for generating a specific psychical process, typical to a certain age) cannot be ignored. A development of skills that are not established in a sensitive period will require much more time and efforts.
  • ALL CHILDREN ARE DIFFERENT. It is important to understand the capabilities of each child, determine their resources, the zone of proximal development, set priorities and draw up a roadmap for further development.
  • FAMILIES ARE OUR ALLIES. For a sustainable result, a common vision of the child’s development strategy, communication and openness are important.

Always acting in the best interest of a child, we are patient while communicating with parents who place unreasonable demands on children or are keen on early development. HIGH PROFESSIONALISM has become the basis of our standing in the Moscow preschool education market

To arrange the effective work, we MONITOR the educational process and perform TESTING of the child’s psychophysical development. We determine a pathway and build the process of interaction with the family. The analytic process is very laborious, but necessary, and therefore we decided to automate it.


Trying to protect children from overloading, we created a bilingual PROGRAM-CONSTRUCTOR “Getting to know the world in two languages”. By using it, the development of individual curricula has become much more convenient. To fill them, it became necessary to create conditions for structuring and storing elements of the KNOWLEDGE DATABASE.

Since Kids' Estate is well-established in the preschool education market of Moscow, colleagues from other kindergartens often seek advice from us. Communicating with them, we have realized that our tasks concern everyone, and the solutions that we offer, strike a chord with them. Step by step it became obvious that the creation of an automated platform meets not only our interests, but also THE INTERESTS OF THE WHOLE FIELD.


Thus, the idea of the Smart School Pro platform was born, and we are happy to submit it for your consideration.

Elena Ignatieva,

Creator of the platform