Educational platform. Functionality

Innovative educational platform Smart School Pro consists of the functional modules, combined in blocks.

The system works on the “single input” principle: information once entered is distributed to all modules.


“You cannot manage what you cannot measure… and what gets measured gets done”
Bill Hewlett, founder of HP (Hewlett-Packard).

An individual child’s development pathway can be prepared only with a deep understanding of his/her traits. To do this, we should have complete information about the child’s development from the moment of birth to the current moment.

To analyze the current information, we have integrated an ANALYTICS module into the system. It consists of the TESTING of the child's psychophysical development and ASSESSING of  his/her knowledge and skills.

Testing is structured by ages and lines of development. All tests are presented in two types:

  • tasks that shall be performed with a child;
  • observation protocols that the teacher fills in while monitoring the child.

To obtain an accurate result, the system may offer an additional test and at the end of testing it automatically makes the PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE of the child in the form of a spider web diagram and a CONCLUSION report about the level of child’s current development. As data is accumulated, the indicators of the dynamics of the child’s development are accumulated on the diagram.  

ASSESSMENTS allows you to collect and analyze all the data relating to the educational process. It is structured by educational areas, which, in turn, are divided into activities, skills and competencies.

According to the results of the assessments, the system creates a CONCLUSION report where educational areas and skills that require special attention are highlighted with a RED MARKER, and the skills and competencies in which the child showed good results are indicated with a green marker. These indicators are important for creating individual development pathway.

The system processes and keeps information about the level of knowledge and skills of each child and GROUP. The assessing system allows planning of the educational process effectively considering the individual capabilities of each child. It is an important tool for the resource teacher and the head of the educational institution, which allows evaluation of the teachers’ work efficiency.

Educational block

The educational block is represented by several functional modules, interrelated operation of which represents a CONSTRUCTOR consisting of the following components:

  • Curriculum plan;
  • Timetable;
  • Knowledge database;
  • Libraries;
  • Prepared lesson plans.

KNOWLEDGE DATABASE has filters of different levels such as  educational areas, activities, topics, age of children, competencies fulfilled, language, methods and approaches, levels of task’s complexity, completion time, etc.

LESSON CONSTRUCTOR allows teachers to make lesson plans quickly and conveniently in the framework of the curriculum plan, considering the personalities of different children in a group.

PROFILES OF GROUPS, including groups of basic and additional education, project groups, etc., are stored in the educational block. It includes:

  • lists of children;
  • timetable;
  • teachers;
  • announcements, teachers’ letters and remarks;
  • attendance log;
  • monitoring results;
  • media files, including the photos.

You can go from the GROUP module to the CHILDREN and STAFF modules in one click. When a child is transferred to another group, all the data is shifted automatically.

Parental block

In the CHILD’s PROFILE, each parent can see everything what is going on in the kindergarten:

  • calendar, included the schedules of main group, groups of additional education and individual classes;
  • menu;
  • announcements, outside communication, letters and comments from teachers;
  • testing and assessments;
  • attendance log;
  • media files (portfolio, photos).

All personal information, contracts, information about the invoices and paid bills are also kept here. Optionally, the system can be configured in such a way that all important information will be duplicated to parents by e-mail.


This block contains STAFF MEMBER’S PROFILES including:

  • personal data and contact details;
  • timetables, work schedules;
  • job descriptions;
  • job condition and any changes; 
  • the leave schedule, overtime, etc.

In addition, there is an archive of correspondence, employee’s portfolio here.

All information is chronologically stored in the profile and, if necessary, archived. Due to this module, the management process becomes transparent and efficient.